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Tackle Box


If you like to fish with plastic bait, hoochies always do very well in Nootka Sound. Although you could probably use any color combinations, we have found the following to work consistently well during the months of June, July and August. We like both Radiant Hootchies and the Silver Horde "Ace Hi Fly" and "Needlefish" series that have become quite popular over recent years. Sorted by most favorite! We have listed some color combinations instead of names because we don't always have the exact name for a hoochie!

With so many different names, it's easy to forget what they look like, we will be adding pictures of numerous lure and flasher combinations that we use!


Anchovy Heads and Spoons

There are thousands of different anchovy heads and spoons available for fishing bait! Just a few favorites we like by Rhys Davis (Gibbs Tackle) and O'Ki Tackle.