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Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is one of the most popular activities in Nootka Sound and attracts fisherman all over the world. The continued success of the Conuma Hatchery and Salmon Enhancement efforts by the Nootka Sound Watershed Society, Fishing Derbies and other contributors/volunteers, the salmon returns each year are excellent for both sport fishing and commercial fishing.

The salmon season typically starts in June and continues to improve in July and August when the larger schools of Chinook and Coho arrive to spawn. Depending on the weather and temperature of the water, the schools can get delayed in the early season. If you're fishing for bottom fish, specifically halibut, lingcod or rock cod, you will have a much better chance going offshore. Finding the right day with the weather can be a struggle at times, but if you're with a fishing charter, you'll stand a much better chance than you would otherwise. When going outside, you can also target salmon runs that don't go inside the Inlet and are known to be some the largest salmon on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Hot Spots

It's fairly easy to fish Nootka Sound with so many great spots available, but if it's your first time or you've never fully understood where all the hot spots are, now you can find out!

Tackle Box

When planning your fishing trip to Nootka Sound, you'll want to prepare your tackle box in advance so you're ready to catch fish on day 1. Nootka Sound is along way from home, so you'll want to pack the essentials for catching fish in Nootka Sound.

Fishing Tips

Learn some great fishing tips for fishing in Nootka Sound, including the best ways to deal with seals taking your fish, removal of jelly fish on your line and how to troll among other boats!

Species of Salmon

Whether you're new to salmon fishing or an experienced angler, it's easy to forget how to identify the fish you catch!

Species of Bottom Fish

With hundreds of different kids of bottom fish, we can't list them all, but we covered the basics with 3 pages of them!

Salmon Enhancement

Without the donations that anglers make towards salmon enhancement and the thousands of hours that volunteers provide, there wouldn't be a fishery in Nootka Sound. Learn more about Salmon Enhancement and how you can get involved!

Charters & Resorts

Find out about hiring a Fishing Charter and/or staying at one of the many Fishing Lodges and Resorts in Nootka Sound.

Fishing Regulations

Keep updated on the latest Fishing Regulations for Nootka Sound - Area 25.