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Salmon Enhancement

Salmon Enhancement is extremely important in Nootka Sound. Without the support of those who are involved with the Conuma River Salmon Enhancement Facility and the Nootka Sound Watershed Society, the fishing would never be as good as it is. Those who rely on the fishing in Nootka Sound should get involved today to help secure the future of both recreational and commercial fishing in Nootka Sound.

Nootka Sound Watershed Society

Conuma Hatchery

In 1978, this Hatchery was built with the goal to focus on wild chum salmon stocks and to also provide enhancement for wild coho, chinook and steelhead to offset any incidental fish from being caught by the commercial fisheries. In the 1990's, over 1 million chinook were released and resulted in huge returns the following years. As of 2011, the egg targets for the facility were 2.9 million chinook, 5.4 million chum, 150k coho, which include an additional 2.4 million chinook and 1.5 million chum to be seapen reared. All enhanced fish are released as juveniles to rear and mature naturally in the pacific ocean environment. An estimated 60,000 chum and 25,000 chinook return each year to the river, not including those that are caught by both commericial and sport fisheries. In 2014, the total chinook released from Conuma R Project were 3.5 millio! That's a lot of fish! It doesn't stop there! 3.8 million Chum, 122k Coho and 6,687 Steelhead were released as well!

Learn more about the Conuma River Hatchery at their official website!