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Kayaking in Nootka Sound is something everyone should do once in their lifetime, assuming you know how to swim! There are no words to describe just how incredible and beautiful the scenery is, when the weather is cooperating. Whether you bring your tent or arrange to stay at one of the many lodges in the area, rain or shine, you will have a trip of a lifetime.

When to go Kayaking!

Unless you have the opportunity to kayak with an experienced guide, you should restrict yourself to kayaking in the early morning (before 10:30am) as much of the Inlet gets windy in the afternoon. Some days, the entire inlet is dead calm all day, but those are far and few between. There are some inlets and bays that are protected from the afternoon wind, including Hisnit Inlet and Moutcha Bay.

When you head to shore, you also need to be extra careful. You should make yourself known by speaking loudly and keeping food sealed properly, especially the big fish you catch along the way! There are black bears, cougars and wolves, so doing anything you can to prevent interaction with them is important. The depth along the shoreline can be deceiving as well. You will find many beaches with sudden dropoffs of up to 200feet in depth. For the more level beaches, you should be aware of the extreme tides, so always bring your kayak above the tideline and secure it by anchoring it to a tree.

Enjoy the scenery and wildlife

Nootka Sound has some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see on Vancouver Island. When kayaking in Nootka Sound, you will have the opportunity to see all kinds of wildlife. Bald eagles are often flying around looking for food. Black bears and deer are often seen wondering the beaches. In past years, Seals aren't as common as some areas on Vancouver Island, but the population is increasing, as are Sea lions. You are more likely to see whales on the outer area of Nootka Sound, but they are known to come into the inlet from time to time. Learn about Luna the Whale if you haven't already!

Kayak Fishing

As you probably already know, Nootka Sound has the reputuation for great fishing. Experience the thrill of catching and landing a king salmon in your kayak. You should be aware of the fishing regulations if you take your fishing gear. There are many areas in Nootka Sound that have restrictions and some areas are closed to fishing.

If you bring your catch back to shore, make sure not to leave anything from the fish, most importantly blood or guts. Toss everything as far off shore as you can and take the tides into account. If you toss something on high tide, it will probably be on shore during low tide, if it doesn't drift away. This is important because you could attract unwanted attention from local bears.

Kayak Launching

If you're planning to Kayak in Nootka Sound, you can launch your kayak in Gold River, or make your way further towards Tahsis and launch at campgrounds or Moutcha Bay Resort.