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Nootka Sound

Nootka Sound is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Nootka Sound is found between the two villages, Gold River and Tahsis. People from around the world travel to Nootka Sound to enjoy the many activities this beautiful area has to offer. Best known for its salmon fishing and abundant wildlife for sightseers. Boating, kayaking tours and hiking excursions allows you to get up close with nature and photograph some the most incredible scenery that is available in Canada. Friendly Cove, seen in the photograph above is a great place to visit for daily hikes and relaxing on the sandy beach. You can also visit the Church at Friendly Cove to learn more about the history of Nootka Sound.

History - Captain Cook

Nootka Sound has a long history of explorers around the world who traveled to Nootka Sound, including Captain James Cook, Captain Juan Perez, Captain James Hanna, Captain George Vancouver and many others. We will be adding more information about each Captain and event in Nootka Sound, but for now.

Learn about Captain Cook.

History - Luna the Whale

Luna is a well known Orca Whale who frequently approached boaters in Nootka Sound in a friendly manner.

Learn about Luna the Whale.

Gold River & Tahsis

Learn about the two main Villages that are directly connected to Nootka Sound.

Gold River | Tahsis