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Directions to Gold River, Nootka Sound

Gold River is the gateway to Nootka Sound. If you're driving and on the mainland, you will first need to take the BC Ferries to Vancouver Island. You will want to see the BC Ferries website to find out which route best fits you. When on Vancouver Island, you will want to head to Campbell River, then proceed west across the island on Highway 28. It's a long trip across the island so you'll want to make sure you have enough fuel and to take it safe and slow when needed as there are some narrow roads. As you leave Campbell River, there will no longer be cellphone coverage, so if you need to make a call, be sure to do so before you make the trip. It's always good to have a satellite phone in case of emergency.

When you arrive in Gold River, on your right you should see and visit the Gold River Visitor Centre as they have a lot of free information for you and you'll be more than ready to stretch your legs! View google maps below!

Gold River Visitor Centre

Hwy 28 & Scout Lake Rd
Gold River, British Columbia

Contact Info

Google Street View!
Google Map!

If you're planning to launch your boat in Gold River and head to Nootka Sound, you'll want to go through town and launch your boat at the government dock. Traveling by boat into Nootka Sound is approximately 20 miles up Muchalat Inlet. If traveling by boat, you're likely going to a lodge and you will want to get directions from the lodge so you know exactly where to go to get there. We also suggest printing out maps from Google or Bing Maps of Gold River to help you with navigation around town.

Travel Links for Vancouver Island

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